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MAT Board Meeting Attendance

Meeting attendance for the MAT Board can be found by selecting the appropriate year below:

2023-2024 MAT Board Meeting Attendance

4th October 2023
(Standards Committee)
5th October 2023
12th October 2023 (FARM)
16th November
(Standards Committee)
Tuesday 5th December 2023 (FARM)Thursday 11th January 2024 AGMThursday 8th February 2024
(Standards Committee)
Thursday 15th February 2024 (FARM)Thursday 14th March 2024Thursday 28th March 2024 (FARM)Thursday 9th May 2024 (Standards Committee)Thursday 16th May 2024 (FARM)Tuesday 18th June 2024 (Standards Committee)Tuesday 20th June 2024 (FARM)Wednesday 10th July 2024
(Standards Committee)
Thursday 11th July 2024
Katie Hammond (MAT Board Chair)N/APresent  PresentN/APresentPresentN/APresentPresentPresentN/APresentN/APresent  
Jo Heaton CEO/Accounting OfficerPresent  Present  PresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent  
Jason BrineN/AN/AN/AN/AObserverPresentN/APresentPresentPresentN/APresentN/APresent  
Catherine HodgsonN/AApologiesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Christine InksterPresent  Present  N/APresentN/APresentN/APresentN/APresentN/APresentN/A
Bev JonesPresent  Present  N/AApologiesN/AApologiesPresentN/AApologiesN/APresentN/AApologiesN/A
Michael Laidler (Standards Committee Chair)N/AApologiesN/APresentN/APresentN/APresentN/APresentN/APresentN/A
Sarah LymerPresent  ApologiesObserverPresentObserverApologiesApologiesN/APresentN/APresentN/APresentN/A
Peter Olsen (FARM Chair until 26th March 2024)N/AApologiesPresentN/APresentPresentN/APresentPresentN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Liam RobertsObserverPresent  PresentN/APresentPresentObserverApologiesPresentPresentN/AApologiesN/AApologies
Rev. David TolhurstN/APresent  PresentN/AN/APresentApologiesN/APresentN/AApologies
Neil Williams (FARM Vice-Chair)N/APresent  PresentN/APresentPresentN/APresentPresentPresentObserverPresentN/APresent  
2022-2023 MAT Board Meeting Attendance

The board meetings were attended as follows:

 Thursday 6th October 2022 (FARM merged into MAT Board meeting)Monday 14th October 2022 (FARM)Thursday 8th December 2022 (FARM)Thursday 8th December 2022Thursday 30th January 2023 AGMThursday 9th February 2023Thursday 30th March 2023 (FARM)Tuesday 16th May 2023 (Standards Committee)Thursday 18th May 2023 (FARM)Wednesday 24th May 2023Tuesday 27th June 2023 (Standards Committee)Thursday 6th July 2023 (FARM)Tuesday 11th July 2023
Mark Stouph (MAT Board Chair)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent   Present ApologiesPresentPresentPresentN/APresentPresent
Jo Heaton CEO/Accounting OfficerPresentPresentPresentPresent Present Present PresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Katie HammondPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent  PresentPresentN/APresentPresentN/APresentPresent
Catherine HodgsonPresentN/AN/AApologies  Apologies Apologies N/AN/AN/APresentN/AN/AApologies 
Christine InksterPresentN/AN/APresent  PresentPresent  N/APresentN/APresentPresentN/APresent
Bev JonesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/APresentN/APresentN/APresentPresentN/APresent
Michael LaidlerN/AN/AN/AN/APresentPresentN/APresentN/APresentPresentN/APresent
Sarah LymerApologiesApologiesApologiesApologiesPresent  PresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentApologies
Peter Olsen (FARM Chair)ApologiesPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent  PresentN/APresentApologiesApologiesPresentPresent
David TolhurstN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AApologiesN/AN/AN/APresentN/APresentApologies
Neil WilliamsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/APresentObserverN/AObserverPresentN/APresentPresent
2021-2022 MAT Board Meeting Attendance

Meeting at the MAT board meetings is as follows:

7th October 202116th December 202113th January 2022 AGM10th February 202231st March 202219th May 20227th July 2022
Mark Stouph (chair)presentpresentpresentpresentapologiespresentpresent
Paul Clarkpresentapologiesapologiespresentpresentapologiespresent
Christine Inksterapologiespresentapologiespresentapologiespresentpresent
Katie Hammondpresentpresentpresentapologiesapologiespresentpresent
Sarah Lymerapologiespresentapologiespresentpresentpresentpresent
Peter Olsenpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresent
Jo Heaton CEOpresentpresentpresentapologiespresentpresentpresent
Catherine HodgsonN/AN/AN/Apresentpresentapologiespresent
Matt Emmerson (resigned 15th November 2021)apologiesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
2020-2021 MAT Board Meeting Attendance

MAT Board meetings have been attended by Directors as follows:

Director22nd October 202010th December 2020th January14th January 2021AGM
14th January 2021
11th February 202115th April 202120th May 20218th July 2021
Mark Stouph (Chair)presentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresent
Paul Clarkpresentpresentapologiespresentpresentpresentpresentpresent
Matt Emmerson (appointed 24th November 2020)N/Apresentpresentpresentpresentapologiespresentapologies
Paul Farquhar (resigned 31st December 2020)presentpresentN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Katie Hammondpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresent
Jo Heaton (CEO/Accounting Officer)presentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresent
Christine Inksterpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresent
Sarah Lymerapologiesapologiespresentapologiespresentpresentapologiesapologies
Peter Olsenpresentpresentpresentpresentapologiesapologiespresentapologies
2019-2020 MAT Board meeting attendance

2019-2020 attendance at the MAT Boards is as follows

17th October 20199th December 20199th December 2019 (AGM)10th February 20202nd April 202018th May 20208th June 20209th July 2020
Mark Stouph (Chair)presentpresentpresentpresentCANCELLED due to COVID 19presentpresentpresent
Paul ClarkpresentapologiesapologiespresentCANCELLED due to COVID 19presentapologiesapologies
Paul FarquharpresentpresentpresentpresentCANCELLED due to COVID 19presentpresentpresent
Jo HeatonpresentpresentpresentpresentCANCELLED due to COVID 19presentpresentpresent
Katie HammondN/ApresentpresentapologiesCANCELLED due to COVID 19presentpresentpresent
Christine InksterpresentpresentpresentpresentCANCELLED due to COVID 19presentpresentpresent
Sarah LymerN/ApresentpresentpresentCANCELLED due to COVID 19presentpresentapologies
Peter OlsenpresentpresentpresentpresentCANCELLED due to COVID 19presentpresentpresent
2018-2019 MAT Board meeting attendance

2018-2019 attendance at the MAT Boards is as follows:

11th October 201829th November 20183rd December 2018 AGM7th February 20194th April 201923rd May 201911th July 2019
Mr Mark Stouph (Chair)presentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresent
Paul Clarkapologiesapologiespresentapologiespresentpresentapologies
Paul Farquharpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentpresent
Mrs Joanne HeatonN/AN/Aobserverobserverobserverpresentpresent
Mrs Christine Inksterapologiespresentapologiesapologiesapologiespresentpresent
Mrs Jackie MurraypresentpresentpresentapologiespresentN/AN/A
Mr Peter Olsenapologiespresentapologiespresentpresentpresentpresent
Mrs Pippa Procter (resigned 25/9/18)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Mr David SmithpresentpresentapologiesapologiesN/AN/AN/A
Mrs Paula ThompsonpresentpresentpresentpresentpresentN/AN/A
2017-2018 MAT Board meeting attendance

2017-2018 attendance at the MAT Boards meetings is as follows:

12th October 201730th November 20174th December 2017 (AGM)22nd February 201817th April 2018 (rearranged from 22nd March 2018)17th May 201812th July 2018
Mr Mark Stouph (Chair)present presentpresent present presentpresentpresent
 Mr Paul Clark N/A N/A N/A N/A presentpresentpresent
Mr Paul FarquharN/AN/AN/AN/A presentpresentpresent
Mrs Christine InksterN/AN/AN/AN/Aapologiespresentpresent
Mrs Jackie Murraypresent apologiespresent present apologiespresentpresent
Mr Peter OlsenN/AN/AN/A N/A apologiesapologiespresent
Mrs Pippa Procterpresent apologiespresent present presentapologiespresent
Mr Steve Skipseypresent apologiespresent present N/AN/A N/A
Mr David SmithN/AN/AN/A present apologiesapologiespresent
Mrs Paula Thompsonpresent presentpresent present presentpresentpresent
Rev. David Tolhurstpresent presentpresent present N/A N/A N/A
2016-2017 MAT Board meeting attendance

2016-2017 attendance at the MAT Board meetings is as follows:

12th September 201617th October 201629th  November 201616th February 201723rd March 20172nd May 201 723rd May 201711th July 2017
Rev. David TolhurstPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent Present
Mrs Paula ThompsonPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent Present
Mr Mark Stouph (Chair)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent Present
Mrs Jackie MurrayPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent Present
Mrs Pippa ProcterPresentapologiesPresentPresentPresentPresentApologies Present

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